Instant Pot aka Instapot: The Best Electric Pressure cooker (Review September 2018)


What is Instant Pot or Instapot?

Instant pot is one of the most popular product for kitchen it helps to save money, time and makes your cooking easy.

Instant Pot Review (2018 Updated)

There are some factors everyone should consider before buy any kitchen appliance

  • Easy to use
  • High Safety standards(Very Important)
  • Economical

The good news is that instant pot have all the qualities which make it more complete than any other pressure cooker it is the excellent kitchen appliance, those who were buy this product are very satisfied with it, all the safety measure are some and it’s very easy to operate and the best thing is that it’s very economical, you can buy it at very low cost

How to choose a Best Instant Pot?

It is one of the complete product for cooking all the models are completely safe and modern, it is built with steel and all feature of instant pot are awesome, but for your ease we compare some models of instant pot with pros and cons, which are below

Instant Pot Lux Model

It is the most reasonable and economical model of instant pot if you have low budget then it is best  model, you can buy it in a low price, it’s also called 6 in 1 model which does the slow cooking, rice cooking, pressure cooking and browning, but you cannot make yogurt with this model. Instant pot Lux 60, this model made your cooking easier, because there are many people who want normal device rather than modern one which is difficult to operate, it is very easy to operate.InstantPots

Instant Pot LUX60V3 V3 6 Qt 6-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker


  • You can cook rice, beans, eggs, lentils and soup
  • It is easy to clean, operate and maintain


  • You cannot make yogurt
  • It doesn’t have low pressure cooking option

Instant Pot Duo 7 in 1

The duo model is an updated version of the Lux model as it has 7 in 1 function ability and it is easier to handle and also comfortable to hold, you can also make yogurt easily but as the Lux model, the Duo is incompatible with android and iphone app. It has different capacities: 3 Qt pot, 6 Qt pot and 8 Qt pot moreover, it is work in two different settings. The Instant Pot -DUO60 is a 7-in-1  multifunction device offer slow cooking, pressure cooking, yogurt making, streamer and warmer, it is more than a traditional pressure cooker with 14 built in programs which make this device more smarter, and it is also Economical you can buy it in a normal budget.

As per amazon reviews I personally recommend this product to buy, this received more than 20,000 positive reviews and hot selling product InstantPots

Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1 Multi-Use Programmable Pressure Cooker


  • Good result it’s the 3rd generation technology
  • It has dual pressure option which helps you to cook fast
  • More cooking options than previous model
  • Easy in operating, touch controls


  • No LCD display

Instant Pot DUO PLUS 60

The Instant Pot Duo Plus 60 is also best seller in pressure cookers it one of the complete and user friendly product it is upgraded model of instant pot Duo 60 it has best touchpad control with all cooking programs which make cooking easy and more comfortable, this display has multiple indicators, also shows time and cooker status icon. This modern display helps in cooking.

nstant Pot DUO Plus 60, 6 Qt 9-in-1 Multi- Use Programmable Pressure Cooker


  • More advance then previous model we discussed
  • Upgraded design
  • Easily understandable to operate, more user-friendly
  • Best internal pot markings


  • I didn’t find anyone

Instant Pot Ultra Model

This model allows to have a complete controlled cooking, it allows temperature 104 to 208f  and timing 1 minute to 6 hours and between it is also super-efficient with the control panel with no button and easily understandable dial, the best feature as I like it also remember your customized settings for future cooking It is very smart device with huge number of functions you can make multiple dishes easily because of its smartness you can it with smart app on your smart phone or PC via Bluethooth connection.

Instant Pot Ultra 6 Qt 10-in-1 Multi- Use Programmable Pressure Cooker


  • Large and bright display
  • Easily understandable dial
  • An egg button: cook eggs with one click
  • Best safety measures with 11 features
  • Easily and highly customizable device
  • Have more added accessories


  • I didn’t find anyone

Pressure Cooker
Slow Cooker
Yogurt Maker

Egg Cooker

Cake Maker
Pressure Cooking
Only HighHigh/LowHigh/LowHigh/LowHigh/Low
3,6,8 Qt.3,6,8 Qt.3,6,8 Qt.6 Qt.3,6,8 Qt.
Built-in Programs
Altitude Adjustment
Custom Programming
Cooking Progress Indicator

Which InstaPot Model is Good for Me?

Its depend on personal need and how much you have budget to invest in instant pot you can go with economical lux and you can also buy ultra and smart which are very expensive

But here is some special Instapot deals for you guys:

I use Instapot duo plus which is release on 2017, its has very good features as I love cakes so its very good for cake making, and its also best for boiling if u need protein eggs are love so you can also use it for this duo is one the best selling product on amazon.

If you want advance feature then you can go with smart, because smart is very smart it will generate multiple possibilities for cooking,you can cook different dishes with instantpot with easy and quick Recipes.

If you want some more than enough then you can go with Instant pot ultra it has multiple feature it is one of the most best instant pot but it is more costly then other

Which Instant pot Size is Best for Me?

its also depend on your need and the quantity of food you want to make it has different sizes but if you buy the bigger one is good for you because some time we have guests and we need to make extra food, so as I recommend the 8 quart it is very good you can easily coke food in large quantity .

Why I need Instant Pot?

There are many reason to buy instant pot because it will make your kitchen complete with its awesome features but if your still confused I will help you to finish your confusion

Here are some features of Instant Pot

  • Ease of Use

its very easy to use want to boil something just with one push , want to cook something, just with one push!

Its timer and other different features make cooking easy just with one push you can also get the user manual when you buy it, this manual will help you to know about more features, instant pot is time saver machine if you don’t want to waste your time in cooking you can buy it with one click.

  • It Has High Safety Standards

We also know that use of pressure cookers is dangerous somehow its very risky, but when we talk about instant pot it has high safety measures with zero risk it has safety lock in case if it gets pressurized there is zero chance to burst and harm you, it has magnetic sensors that care of lid position and there is a regulator that ensures that pressure stay in limit and if it feel any danger in anything it will automatically cut off power supply.

  • Make Healthy and Nutritious Food

it is also best for making healthy food as we know “health is wealth” with instant pot we get nutritious and delicious food with continuity moreover other ordinary cooker are not good in retain of delicious and nutritious food where as it provide the best one because of its features you can enjoy the pure food with awesome taste.

  • It is Energy Efficient

Energy is one the most precious resource that we have so Instant pot is designed to use vey less amount of energy it is very eco-friendly product it consumes very less than other appliances, the reason it consume less energy than other is that as we comparing with other different cookers, it is designed to cook food in less time

Its automatic temperature control feature will make it more energy efficient just by heating the internal pot to a temperature that we require for cooking it has also sealed cooking environment which means it is use very less amount of water than other pressure cookers

Major Mistakes by New Instant pot Users

There are some mistakes which are very common in using instant pot you should avoid them. Here are they:

  • They Forgetting  about the Inner Pot

It is the one of the most common mistake while cooking people fill the pot with all ingredients and forget about the inner pot it is human error but it can damaged your instant pot and you got no food, which makes feel very bad, you can easily avoid this by keeping the pot and the inner pot in a line.

  • They always Undermining the Seal

As I told in features it has sealed cooking environment because instant pot use pressure and steam to cook food. It’s important to seal the air before using it. if the rubber ring will not airtight the whole steam get waste and you get no food, in beginning be sure to tight the rubber then start cooking, its very bad feeling after doing everything for the seek food and get no food

  • Zero Patience Not Letting the Pressure Build up

As I said its time saving product means less time consume but with a proper strategy it take no effort but it doesn’t mean with very less time, some people in hurry don’t let the pressure build in moreover it is the best product which works better than any other cooking appliance, but in starting it takes time to build pressure so always add extra time to make your cooking perfect, first pressure build up and cooking will start.

  • Fill it at maximum level

Always care of pot during cooking don’t filled up with max ingredients pot need space to generate steam don’t cross the line which is marked inside the pot, the ingredients should never be crossed the line always try to make ingredients less filled in a pot then it will make good pressure and you get the delicious food

  • Moving in very slow

During cooking one should be very attentive in any condition, one of the biggest mistake that newbies will not open the value quickly during quick release action mostly people don’t revolve the vale quickly and food get over cooked so one should be aware of his action

  • Always Confusing Yourself with the Timer

Don’t get confuse when you have the smartest kitchen appliance like instant pot just you need to know how its work many people confuse with the timer button on instant pot they think that we set the timer and cooking get started but it’s wrong perception its working in an opposite way. When the set time has passed then cooking will start because it makes cooking delay.

  • Too much/ Too little Liquid

Always try to put the liquid according to requirement don’t put too much liquid it will cause delay in cooking and your food get over cooked, it also make effect on taste and it is also difficult for pot to generate steam and also don’t put less liquid, just put liquid according to requirement it take time to learn that but you can learn over time. The solution is this that put just one cup of liquid and increase it when you feel needed.

  • Stovetop vs Instant Pot

Humans are full of error it is also a error that some people put instant pot on stovetop this is very common mistake it is also lack of focus, it dangerous you can loss your instant pot always pay attention on what you are doing, always keep instant pot on one place and beware to avoid any bad event.

I hope this article will help you to know about instant pot and if you have any query regarding instant pot please let me know in comments, you are more than welcome, I’m glad if I could help you.                 

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